Blurred [Staff] Lines

Rachel Erani


There I was
elbows pointing
hips swaying from side to side
legs shifting my body weight from one to the other
the corners of my mouth curling up in a guilt-laden smirk

It felt good

Until they
on the walls
of my ventricles
and broke down
the barriers
of my skull

it hurt

I try to resist
to block them
to protect myself
but they penetrate me
the words
they penetrate my grey
matter like it’s pink
I try really hard
not to think so
as not to encourage them

it really hurts

A word to the wise:
Stay away from trebles
Don’t flirt with basses
And be careful next time you invite the beat in


Rachel Erani is a junior studying English with a concentration in Creative Writing in the College. She is from Brooklyn, New York. At Penn, she is involved in the SPEC Concerts committee and City Step, and serves as the promotions director for WQHS, Penn’s student-run radio station. Rachel also writes for the 34th Street music column. She is interested in writing about music as a potential career path.