Carmilla at Midnight

Suzy Kim


Pale plaster for your eyelids
Dried roses for your lips

Streets darken with bloody eclipse
Crimson victims are left eyeless

Glass for your fingernails
Brass coil for your hair

Creases crumble on your skin
As the flames harden silk

Come drink, come drink—the voice rails
As her locks brush against its cheeks so fair

Tempting, bulging the original sin
That which banished the mother’s milk

At last you bit, pleasures possess—
Life in her blood, slips.



Suzy Kim is a senior English major studying Victorian Literature. She owns a typewriter with a sticky "P" that she bought while stress-shopping online, which she uses to organize her thoughts at 3 in the morning. She is member of PennSori A Capella and Underground Shakespeare Company on campus. When she is not in rehearsal for these groups, which isn’t much, she likes to doodle, read comics, and gush over novels by the Bronte sisters and Charles Dickens.