Cars Poetica

Richard Krohn


At times my lines

when left unchecked

lurch crazed across

the page as care-

Leslie as Nick

(Oh, teenaged rock!)

ā€™nā€™ rolling joints,

sext mess[ages],

so much that they

careen unbuck-

led beltway lanes

         until their eve-

     ry wordplayskids

   in two an end.


Richard Krohn has spent most of his life up and down the East Coast, including two decades in eastern PA, and long-ago ties to Philadelphia and the U. of P. He has also lived for extended periods in Central America. At present, he's in Bethlehem, teaching at Moravian College. His poetry has appeared in dozens of journals, more recently in places like Poet Lore, Southern Poetry Review, Tar River, and Arts & Letters. He is always eager to connect about poetry and beyond at