Isabella Lopez


Castles of bedsheets, fortress of undress
Bedposts carved with vehement visitations

Knight in shining armor, whispering amor through the armoire
Silver never shines in night time

               To be a princess, a perfect purgatory

Vodka drips and puddles concrete
Sticky stalactites stabbing cranberried rivers

Cascade into lemonade lakes
A jungle of bodies, plastic proclamations in the underbrush

               To be a princess, a famine feast

Cacophonied children gathered into chaos
To witness the magnificent mundane

Vines twine between haphazard hands
While limitless limbs learn topography

               To be a princess, a severe socialization

Pretending princess, a divine delusion

The illusion:

               There is always a dragon in the dungeon



Isabella is a sophomore in the College, studying English and Creative Writing. She has an ardent love for romantic comedies, coffee, and dog-spotting on Locust Walk.