Elan Kiderman



but do you or don’t you

own a figurine modeled after my figure modeled after me is
it shriveled up at the brain 

because it’s ok if you do, i mean, i have one of you too
except for that it doesn’t even have a brain at all but i’m just
curious seeing as when i snap the arm off of yours i feel a
sharp pain at the shoulder and i was wondering well if you
did the same to yours would i feel it too and i have some
corrections for it

well for one could you aim the finger away from the floor
feels gravitationally fastened down there aim it instead at
the face as if to say “hit me here” then readjust the legs in
the same way also while you’re at it put me in a place where
i might get some sunlight it is much too dark in here for it
to be much too dark in here for if you’re as lonesome as i
say you are what am i doing holding corners accountable at
spears that itch my sanity triangular horses placed in vases
named after it all to which you comb your teeth to and for
what it’s not as if you have much to do with it’s funny to have
spoken only twice in your life (i’ve lost count on mine) but
if you can’t count on life what’s the use in those men at the
crosswalks holding stop signs who may as well be figurines
too may as well selfishly intake the sun while children, lost
as it were in the toe-stepping sense collecting barks as it
were in the yard but if you’ve aimed me like i say you have
then children will occupy themselves seeing as they are
prone to hitting and i am prone to being and how many if any
can we tip towards until there’s an excess of tips to towards
let’s face its faces so as to travel through diameters and
diameters of apathetics