Palm Fronds

Roberta Curley


traitor moon!
sunrise sham!
lurking Arizona clouds,
shades of H-bomb
tower over this
golf course community,
intending to zap
a newbie—

persevering clouds
looming bleakly charcoal—
my Mom’s still alive!
her palm tree fronds
haven’t hit grass yet—
fact is, I just spied
a near glint
in her resigned
doe-like eyes—


Roberta Curley has lived in Greenwich Village, NYC, for forty-five years. Poetry found her twelve years ago, when a rhyming poem popped out while she was journaling. Her poem, "Dylan," has been hanging in the Dylan Thomas Room of the White Horse Tavern since 2008, when it was also published by WestView News. Additionally, she's been published in The New York Times Metropolitan Diary, Thrive Global, Q Review Anthologies, Tamarind, and Jefferson Market Library Poetry Workshop Anthologies.