Tea Set

Tamra Carraher


the sun makes a fire
on your face but god
it makes your eyes look
pretty. can i fix it
for you sweetie?

but really your face is so
beautiful with the sun
on fire in your pretty face.

i’ll fix the tea while you
sit there, the sun afire
on your pretty face

and making shadow puppets
of the plants on the sill—


Tamra Carraher is the curator/editor of Alexandria Quarterly. Tamra received a BFA from Goddard College and an MFA from New England College and has published three books for children, PICTURE/BOOKBluefish Haiku and Alphabet Book. Her work has appeared in TalismanSPANK the CARPToe Good PoetryBurningword Literary JournalFissure, and Literary Mama. She is also an Associate Editor for Naugatuck River Review. Feel free to contact her at aqeditors@gmail.com.