The Dusk of Day

Diamond Irwin


It began with the gradual ghosting of light
The sighs of the wind
The drunken flames of lightning

The Day was no longer sure of
Her entanglement with the Night
Her trust sank down
Trickling through the clouds
As acid rain

She believed that the Night was cavorting
With all the stars in his mist
With the spots of brightness
That punctured his shell of darkness
Almost hissing with jealousy
The Day’s heart splintered
Shooting out of her chest
And prickling her skin

The Day accused The Night
Of adoring the full moon’s
Girlish, dimpled craters
Her rosy wrath began bounding upward

The Day was darkening
Blood orange webs of sunlight
Broke out against the blue sky
Birds of paradise hid in
The shelter of their nests
Artificial light now reigned over
All streets

The Night curled away
Offering her platitudes
He whimpered that they were not compatible
That he was not ready for a commitment
That she deserved someone better
Someone brighter

The Day was wretched
Searching for consolation
In the canvas of her unmerciful mood