The Periodic Table of the Elements

Kate Oksas


The Periodic Table of the Elements and the shell casing with the flowers
Trading beliefs on a corner in the city in the cold
And you are not my sunshine,
But you are my one request
I sleep wrapped around your name
With your words held to my chest
You are doubtless,
Mess and music
Sunset swells and storms burnt out
Dreams that play without permission
Hurricanes and aftershocks
And mild mornings unraveling, gray on gold.
I will never be able to know what you are.
Of casting out and holding on,
I don't know which means losing more.
You're far from home—
I'm farther.
Done exchanging, feet are freezing, wind picks up.


Kate Oksas is a College sophomore interested in neuroscience, writing, and everything in between. She is studying BBB with a minor in Creative Writing.